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attention all gerbil lovers! [17 Nov 2007|03:33am]


Come and join tufty_tails today! Post photos, share stories, questions, advice, anecdotes- anything to do with gerbils! :)
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=D [08 Aug 2007|01:16am]


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[14 Jul 2005|04:11pm]


Fiver and Socrates. Both Females. Both my best friends.Collapse )

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[19 May 2005|04:29pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi! I have four wonderful rodents to introduce to you!

This is my spiny mouse, Pauly. He is a very special mouse, because he was attacked by the other male mice he was living with at the pet store, and when I first met him, his ears and tail were badly chewed up. I took him home in December and have been nursing him back to health. Unfortunately, his tail hasn't healed up very well and he has become sick, probably because of an infection that started in his tail. I'm doing everything I can for him, and we've become really close because I've seen him go through so much. Here he is!Collapse )

Here are two guinea pigs I babysit named Coco and Candy. (Coco is the brown one and Candy is the white one). I look after them for my Mom's boss when she goes on vacations, and I've been taking care of them at my house for a few months while she has been renovating her house. They are kind of shy, but as soon as they're in your arms, they love you and give you little licky kisses. Here they are!Collapse )

Archie the chinchilla belongs to my grade 11 biology teacher. I'm graduated from High School now, but I still take care of him during holidays, because we became such good friends while we were in class together. I've helped him become very tame and friendly, because when he first came to the school, he was very scared of everyone and bit a lot and always ran away. He is a very wonderful little guy, and he recently got a girlfriend named Veronica. I haven't met her yet, but I hear he is a perfect gentleman with her, and if anyone approaches her, he makes little barky sounds at them in case they mean harm. Here's Archie!Collapse )

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Mousie adorable-ness! [04 May 2005|04:06pm]

Read more...Collapse )
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Baby mouse photo [10 Apr 2005|01:03pm]

I have a bunch of photos of my baby mice in my journal, but I think this one is the best!

Agouti, 2 weeks old.
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Im new [01 Apr 2005|03:50pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Rate My RodentsCollapse )

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My Piggy :) [29 Oct 2004|01:16pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

It's Rodney!!Collapse )

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[17 Aug 2004|02:50pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Pinki my Piggy <3Collapse )

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adorable<3 [19 Jul 2004|02:56pm]

[ mood | amused ]

my sexy hampster named kurt<3Collapse )

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Mice. [09 Jul 2004|04:48pm]

[ mood | cold ]

I got these mice a month or two ago... I'm not sure how old they are; I don't think they've really grown since I got them. *shrug* Anyways, here they areCollapse )

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I'm New [09 Jul 2004|06:04am]


I'm new, as indicated by my subject. I have gerbils and tons of pictures for anyone to rate. Personally, I think they're all adorable, but my opinion could be biased...

Gerbils!Collapse )

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This Is Sad [25 May 2004|02:08pm]
My guinea pig was sick last week. The vet gave him a shot and it hit a nerve. Now he has no feeling in his foot. This morning before school I went to hold him...and he'd chewed off his foot. He's better now because I treated it...but...it's sad. I didn't know where else to write this...

BTW, I'm not shocked, I know rodents do this to injured limbs...but....still.
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[21 May 2004|06:44pm]

Isabelle in her secret "treehouse". No humans allowed!
and a repeat of this one- sweet faces
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HII [07 May 2004|02:12am]

[ mood | silly ]

hi!! i am new here, and want to show off my adorable baby mice which i will do as soon as i figure out this picture thing... i'm not good at this....

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[14 Apr 2004|06:52pm]

yo im new to this site what up

we both enjoy music =)

rockin out

peace out
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new addition!!! [06 Apr 2004|10:24pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

while buying food and bedding for our lovely, yet fat, rat Billy my boyfriend and I decided "hey, let's get a mouse!"

Ladies and gentelmen, meet
Mötley Crüe:

and, of course...
Bill Z. Bubb ("Billy")

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Happy World Rat Day ! [04 Apr 2004|03:14am]

Even if you aren't a rat : ) .

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donut the STUD! [29 Mar 2004|09:29pm]

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[28 Mar 2004|04:39pm]
Hello..I just joined...Thought I'd post pictures of my guinea pigs.

Wellll I only have one right Now..
this is Mr.Bungles

And Btw, That is HAY
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